Business Copier Buyers Guide

Need help buying or renting an office copy machine? Confused by all of the options and features available? If so, we can help. has put together a free guide below that goes through and answers the most common questions that businesses ask when trying to find a copier.

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Choosing the Right Size Copy Machine

Learning what your company and employees need out of a office copy machine is critical in the decision making process. Do you do lots of printing? Do you need color or just black and white? The type of machine you choose is often affected by how many employees will be using it.

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What Kind of Copier to I Need?

Employee Size Guide

Number Of Employees
Less than 10
Recommended Machine
Simple Copier. You don’t need all of the fancy “bells and whistles”. Just get a machine that can print, scan and fax.
Number Of Employees
Recommended Machine
Digital Copier. Most companies of this size require a copier that is more heavy duty and can copy at a higher rate (i.e. 100 pages/minute)
Number Of Employees
Greater than 30
Recommended Machine
High Output Copier. These machines can serve as “printer and copier hubs” for the business.

No matter what the size of your company, we recommend that when you are looking for a new copy machine for your office that you work with an experienced copier deals who can customize a solution based on both your size and business needs.

The Three Most Common Copier Types


Typically recommended for businesses that regularly print color presentations. Downside is that they are expensive on a cost-per-copy basis.


The most common copier type in offices today. Typically, they serve both as a copier and a printer for a business. Most copiers in this class are laser versions. They typically are more expensive up front but have a much lower cost-per-copy basis.


Very similar to a digital copier but with even more functionality. Multifunctional copiers can also scan, fax and print directly from a thumb drive. Like digital copiers they tend to be laser-based which keeps the cost-per-copy low.

How much does a copier machine cost?

Like a lot of things, the answer is: it depends! Low-end, ink-based copiers can cost as little as $100 while large-scale copier hubs can cost in the $1,000s. Of course there are trade offs at any price point. At the low-end, the initial cost is cheap however, the cost of the ink cartriges can really add up. This is why it is so important to find the right machine that meets the needs and budget of your business.

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Should I Lease Instead of Buying?

A few things to consider.

Lower Upfront Cost

With leasing, you will have a monthly payment and not a large upfront expense.

No Maintance Headaches

If you lease, your local dealer will handle all of the scheduled maintaince and repairs.


As your company and needs grow, so can your copier. If you outgrow your current machine, the leasing company will bring in a new one.


If you have technical issues, your leasing company (and not your IT staff) will handle them.

So, what’s the catch? Well… over the long run buying a copier is cheaper than leasing. While the monthly payments are lower, they do add up. Buyers need to trade off the cost vs. the convenience.

How long will my copier last?

A good rule of thumb is that a new office copier machine will last between about 5-7 years. Some will last longer, however, as machines age they tend to have more problems: more paper jams, service down-time, worn out parts and high maintance expense. Often on older machines the cost to repair the machine can be more than the machine is worth. Another issues that company face with older machines is the cost of downtime. Imagine if your company could no longer print or copy for a day until the repair person can fix the machine?

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